Business Planning

Are you tired of hearing,” If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”? Well sometimes the ugly truth is hard to accept.

Business planning is all about starting with the end in mind. Purposely designing an end result, and then establishing the steps necessary to make it all happen. There are many areas that need consideration.

Here is a condensed list of just some of the issues vital to business success.


1.    Business Plan Document2.    Business premises and address

3.    Contract law, Lease Agreements,

4.    Financial Management and Record keeping

5.    Insurance cover

6.    Intellectual Property

7.    Labour Hire and Contractors

8.    Legal structure of business

9.    Licenses, Registrations and Permits

10. Management style and Business monitoring

11. Marketing and Promotions

12. Occupation Safety and Health

13. Office layout and Administration systems

14. Products and Services, Pricing

15. Security issues

16. Trading name and or slogan

17. Trading Policies, Warranties and Terms

18. Work and Lifestyle balance

Startup Business Services can assist in all these areas to ensure your enterprise commences correctly and grows successfully.

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